Need Help Choosing Wine in Restaurants?

The beauty of wine lists is that they’re all different. The difficulty of figuring out what to order off a wine list is that they’re all different. And, by the time that you take your seat in a restaurant and the waiter is heading over to ask you “may I take your drink order” you barely have had time to say hello to your guests, put on your glasses (or not), and open up to the first page. This section is meant to be a lifeline in those moments – or a WINELINE – if you shout out to us where you’re going and how much you’re comfortable spending we’ll be happy to throw out our suggestions. Keep in mind that if there’s a sommelier present in the restaurant, it’s there job to guide you through and help you find the wine that you’ll enjoy with your meal. And, if you do let them choose – and don’t like it – you can always say so and send it back. Keep in mind that most restaurants these days have the wine list on their website so take a few minutes to check it out before you go.


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