Monthly Archives: December 2010

All I Want for Christmas

There’s no stockings hung here but there’s still lots of good cheer as we prepare for Christmas.

We have a lot to be thankful for and know there are many who have struggled this past year to put on a smile – or put bread on their table.

Connecting over a glass of wine has brought much happiness into our lives – strangers become friends – and we are transported when we fill our glass to a place where there’s peace on Earth and where tables are filled with the bounty of the season.

So as you raise your glass this holiday season, I hope you will share in my wishes – be safe, be warm, be fulfilled, be gentle, be generous, be lighthearted, be comforted, be amazed, be creative, be protective, be happy, be satisfied, be aware, be confident, be adventurous, be a role model, be a good friend, son, daughter, mother, father.

My glass is raised to you.


Feel free to add your “be…..” to this list as I surely have not exhausted the possibilities.