There’s a few very bold assumptions that I feel like I can make. The first, that wine tastes better with food. The second, that wine is meant to be shared around the table with food. And the third, that there are no rules about what wine to pair with what food. It’s all a matter of personal preference.

Wine shouldn’t be precious. Pouring a glass or sharing a bottle with a friend is meant to be for enjoyment. Learning about wine is like riding a bike – there’s a lot of roads that you can take.  Enjoy the experience of tasting and learning. Share wines that  you think go with our recipes or that you’d recommend – or take someone’s suggestion and try it out. Find the wine in your own neighborhood – or order it from the winery. It should be fun and easy.

I’ve had some incredible experiences exploring my passion for food and wine. I hope that you will too. Share a table with a total stranger, open a bottle and you’ll probably end the night with a friend for life. Wine is like that.

This site was inspired by all of the shout outs of  What’s in Your Glass and What Wine Would Your Drink With This Dish on our facebook.com/womenwine. Yes, and from men too. It’s not about scores and ratings but about sharing your passion – or your curiousity – MAKE IT YOUR OWN.

And, if you like what we’re up to – please share it with a friend.

I’m raising my glass to you – without you this all would not be possible.


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