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Will Michelle Obama Do For Wine What She Did For Fashion?

This is the blog for Women & Wine http://womenwine.comwritten by Julie Brosterman.

It didn’t take us very long to notice Michelle Obama’s style on the campaign trail and I’m not talking about arms. I’m a bit under 6 ft. myself and first it was the poise, the grace of motion and that drop dead gorgeous smile that won me over. Later, it was the fact that she made everything she wore look like she just pulled it out of the closet – which gave me a more confidence to rummage around in the back of mine. Confidence. That’s a big word for most women to swallow – whether it’s fashion – or wine.

I started Women & Wine because wine for women is a universal language that we understand – it helps us make an immediate connection when we share a glass.  Yet, many women are caught up in their inability to find the right words to describe what they like. And unlike their daily pick of what to wear – they wouldn’t be caught dead in the same outfit two days in a row – they gravitate very quickly to purchasing a bottle of wine that they have had before. Over and over again.  It’s really because there’s a disconnect and lack of education at the point of sale but instead most women say they don’t feel confident enough to roll the dice on their choice so they go with the ‘safe’ one instead.

And while women buy most of the wine in the U.S. and, where available,  in the supermarket – that’s  like saying that they bought a new outfit at Home Depot, or a new purse at Blockbuster. Many tell me that feel like they have two heads when they enter a wine retailer (thanks guys for making us feel so comfortable and welcome) – and so the anonimity of their purchase is what they settle for in a big box store.

Women wouldn’t settle for anything else the way they settle for wines with cute pictures on the label or marketing gimmicks that appeal to women. They certainly wouldn’t choose a hair dresser that had cute kangaroos in the window. And it’s hardly likely that they would go to a butcher and ask for the cheapest cut of meat. They wouldn’t bend down to pick up a penny in the aisle but they have no trouble swatting down to reach for that bottle on the lowest shelf that’s $3.99.

Women who are interested in wine need a role model. I try to be one myself.

Now Michelle, I need your help.

Will you talk to us about the wine you like  – will you come on Women & Wine Radio to talk about how you started getting interested in wine (we know you love good food!)? Will you be seen holding a glass of wine in a picture – or pouring it at the table for a family dinner at the White House? Are you and the President planning an outing to Virginia wine country (it is for lovers…)?

As CEO & Founder of Women & Wine, I want Michelle Obama to invite women to be more curious about the wine they drink. To know that they can relish an inexpensive “find” – like she does at J.Crew. But to also realize like when you wear something hand crafted – or drink a bottle of wine that’s made with enormous care in small production – you can feel like cinderella – or a First Lady.

And I invite women everywhere – not just here in the U.S. –  to post and share their stories at of how they started on their own personal journey of learning about wine, drinking different varietals or buying a special bottle to start collecting. The socialization of wine at the American dinner table depends on you ladies. You did it with arugula, you can certainly do it with wine. You family will become more engaged and eat more slowly when wine is served. And you will want to travel to see where it’s made.

And Oprah, I’m ready for you. Why don’t you have me and Michelle on to talk about what we love about wine – the stories that are in the glass – the special memories we have of the meals where it was served. The places we’ve been where that perfect moment was enhanced by a great bottle of wine…

Ladies, are you listening? And as a wine retailer too, my doors are open to you.

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Share a story or a photo on our site

Share a story or a photo on our site