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Raise a Glass to the #Nonmom and #Petmom – A Mother’s Day Tribute to the facebook Fans of Women & Wine

Mother’s Day is always a strange one for me as a #Nonmom but I’m a #Petmom too.

I try not to be upset that our dog Abby doesn’t know how to tie a bow on her own tail or feel silly that I still coo and smile every time she wags. Oh, what a REAL mom I might have been!

On our page, we Raise a Glass many nights of the week – to what we’ve accomplished, to taking a minute to relax or something more significant.

This week it was to the hope that we can live in a world without fear upon the news of the capture of bin Laden.

Everyone shares what they’re drinking and it’s as diverse as the women who LIKE us. Shout outs from around the globe – inspiring each of us to be more curious about the wine we drink and where it’s from.

I know that of the 12,000 or so people on our facebook page that there must be a lot of #Nonmoms and #Petmoms too.

facebook analytics helps me know that 75% of the Women & Wine community on facebook are women and 64% are between ages 25 and 54. They don’t tell me if they have kids (they could since they ask that on your profile) or if they’re married or single but here’s the things we do know.

78% list English as their first language and 18 speak Bulgarian. The city with the largest representation? Seattle. The smallest? Paris. Obviously, I’m not spending enough time there.

The US has the greatest representation – no surprises there – but we need to do a better outreach to the fabulous women of South Africa where we only have 39 fans.

In the past month, April 2011, we’ve had 342,000 page views – up 2.5% from March.

I’ve been talking to women who love wine since 2005 so I’m assuming that a lot of these fans are just like me and that there are #Nonmoms and #Petmoms amongst them. Today on our page everyone is sharing their wine and food plans to celebrate their moms. You can feel the love online.

I know that they also like to travel – especially to wine country – watch good movies (independent and foreign too), read, and have bad hair days. Eating good food and sharing a glass of wine increases their happiness factor on a daily basis. They love cooking – and groan sometimes (yes, I can hear it!) at the weird food that I love to eat like goat and rabbit. And that burgers and grilled cheese are a favorite too.

They like a good laugh – and I try to eek a smile out of them even on a Monday through my daily posts. They never cease to amaze me with their generosity of spirit and support – and I hope they’re telling their friends to LIKE us too.

There are also men who love women who love wine on the Women & Wine facebook page – and yes, they join in the conversation. I love that they’re not self-conscious about the fact that the page says Women & Wine nor does their presence intimidate anyone either. So thank you too for liking what we do – even if sometimes you’re subjected to a bit of girly girl stuff (yes, there’s even some of that too).

I’ve never met most of them – and yet I KNOW them. We’ve shared a lot together and more to come. So Happy Mother’s Day to all. I’m raising my glass to you tonight.