A,B C’s of facebook pages

I’m constantly asked by people what gimmicks/tools/tricks do I use to get the conversation going on our facebook.com/womenwine page. The answer is none.

This question always surprises me as I think that if nothing else, facebook has taught us that as participants in this platform we’ve opened the book on our lives and ourselves to all who care to listen. It’s pretty hard to ‘hide’, contrive or create a persona that’s not real on this platform – and, it’s even more likely that active participants become vulnerable to the idea of saying too much.

So I’ve developed what I’m calling the ABC’s of facebook. Easy things to keep in mind as you sit down at your computer or post from your cell to your personal or professional page.

A is for authenticity. Absolute honesty. A must for anyone who is going to establish themselves or their brand on a facebook page. If you are struggling with what this means then maybe facebook isn’t for you – try twitter (you can hide there pretty well).

B is for boring. I’m laughing out loud as I write this because my husband tells me that reading most facebook posts is like watching paint dry and he’s probably right. If you’re not getting any comments to your musings and posts on facebook it isn’t because no one is listening, it’s because your postings are downright dull. Period.

The page stats will tell you by graphs and charts how you’re doing with numbers of impressions of people who read what you write and whether you’re gaining or losing followers,  but the number of comments, likes and interactions tell you whether you’re putting people to sleep with what you say or dropping a stone in a well. No reactions – not a good sign for getting a lot of people to like you.

C is for consistency. This should be the most obvious to anyone who is using facebook to build their business or build their brand through this platform. You probably wouldn’t take a vacation every few weeks from your business so why is your last post a month ago? Yes, even people who ‘like’ you will stop coming to your page if you stop posting. Have nothing to say? Then why are you on facebook in the first place. Have no time to post? It should take you less than 5 minutes to login and 3 to post, add a picture or a link to something that interests you and will interest people on your page as well.

And, like anything else, if you need a coach or someone to help you get started – or to kick start what you’ve started then ask around for help (both free and paid).

After all D is for DO IT.

Julie Brosterman is the CEO & Founder of Women & Wine a community for lovers of wine, food and travel. The company creates online content/promos/contests and offline events for A-list clients and consults on social media strategy. She can be reached at julie@womenwine.com


One response to “A,B C’s of facebook pages

  1. I really enjoy your posts and Facebook comments. Thank you. I love wine, travel and food.

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